Battlefield 3 – This is how the nerfed IRNV looks like in the latest version

We know that a lot of Battlefield 3 gamers wanted DICE to nerf the IRNV and the company promised to do so in its latest patch. Well, the PS3 update of the game went live on November 30th and look and behold how the nerfed IRNV looks like in the latest version. To be honest, DICE could simply remove it as right now it is really useless in the PS3 version – at least in the Metro map. Gotta love that fog that covers everything when you’re using it. However, all hope is not lost.
According to Alan Kertz, Battlefield 3’s Core Gameplay Designer, the IRNV was over nerfed in the PS3 update and they might buff it back up a bit. Alan Kertz also stated that the bright background of the tunnel at the Metro map gives the system a big trouble, which explains the foggy IRNV we’ve been witnessing.
As Kertz stated:

It’s not perfect, but at least it’s not a free hack anymore

We’ve also included another video that shows how the nerfed IRNV looks like in an open map with sun. So, what do you guys think of this nerfed IRNV? Is it better or would you like DICE to tweak it even more?
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