Battlefield 3 PC minor update introduces Punkbuster issue, DICE is working on it

That’s hilarious. A new update for the PC version of Battlefield 3 has rolled out and guess what; it comes with that awful ‘Corrupted File/Memory [9808096]’ issue that was introduced some months ago. Since this morning, a lot of PC gamers have been kicked/banned from the public servers due to that issue, while others had to manually update Punkbuster in order to play the game. And you as you may have guessed, DICE is already looking into fixing it.
According to the developers, they are ‘aware of the issues caused by “Corrupted File/Memory [9808096]” and are working on it’. Expect a minor patch-fix and a new announcement from the studio during the day. The team has also suggested to all PC gamers to try and play on servers w/out PB enabled until this concern is investigated.
As the team tweeted via their game’s account:
“We are aware of the issues caused by “Corrupted File/Memory [9808096]” and are working on it. More announcements during the day.”
The PC patch that got released this morning is supposed to support Intel’s new Ivy Bridge product line (as yet unreleased), fix two reproducible client crashes, as well as offer performance improvements to AMD’s Radeon 7xxx series.
There is no official ETA yet for when this issue will get fixed, so stay tuned for more updates about it!