Battlefield 3 – No plans for VOIP PC changes; bad business to properly fix it

Now that’s really hilarious. As you may already know, Battlefield 3 does not properly support VoIP. Yes, you are still able to use it but that’s thanks to Battlelog as DICE’s platform offers this feature and not the game itself. Of course, there are various issues due to this decision and it seems that DICE is not willing to fix them by properly including VoIP support to Battlefield 3. The reason? It’s bad business. Wait what?
That’s exactly what DICE’s Battlefield global community manager Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros said on Twitter.
“We´re keeping the VOIP as it is right now. By increasing to this level of functionality we would have to make the VOIP solution a part of the game installation, which we currently don’t want from a business perspective.”
Way to go DICE. No seriously, way to go.
So for now, go ahead guys and seek out TeamSync-enabled servers, which offer the desired functionality with minimal hassle. And let DICE do their business tricks and promotion of Battlelog. Man, I really wish that Battlelog would just die, you know? It literally destroyed DICE’s little baby and God knows how much I hate the fact that the server list is not in the game.
So thanks DICE, but no thanks!