Battlefield 3 – Hidden Patch Notes Revealed

Our dear friends at MP1st have informed us about some new features that are present on the latest PC patch of Battlefield 3 and were not included in the release notes. Therefore, PC gamers can now disable the game’s User Interface, can switch between various chat modes, and a Vehicle sensitivity slider has been added to the game’s options. You can view more features that were not included in the release notes after the jump.
‘Hidden’ Patch Notes:
-H’ key now changes chat between the following options:
-Hidden (chat does not come up ever)
-Pop-up (old styled pop up when chat is active)
-On (always on)
-Vehicle sensitivity slider is now in options
-Icons/names now flash when using ‘Q’
-Disable threshold reduced to around 37hp for air vehicles [more info on ground vehicles needed]
-Tower on Caspian now collapses near the end of rounds
-Player pings now displayed on the scoreboard (your own is not)
-No longer spawn at main when spawn selection is unavailable [needs confirmation]
-TV guided on helicopters mostly fixed (just don’t move the mouse when you fire)
-TV guided turning speed lowered
-CITV look movement tweaked
-UI.DrawEnable now enables/disables UI
New bugs:
-End of round scores show wrong Victory/Defeat message
-Animations (ladder/knife) are stuttery/jumpy when the network buffer is modified