Battlefield 3 fans, be advised; Origin is down, EA is looking into it

Friday, what a lovely day, right? It’s the end of your working day, the day before weekend, the day when you can finally play your favourite game. Oh, God bless Friday. And what happens when you try to play Battlefield 3? Nothing. Nada. Why? But because Origin is down… or should I say ‘broken’ since you can’t login and even if you do, you get a lovely crash. Oh, and you won’t be able to see the games that you’ve purchased in your account. Lovely. First Ubisoft with their servers issues and now EA. Can it get any better?
Naturally, EA tweeted via tha game’s official account that they are aware of this problem and are investigating it:
“We’re aware of this and are looking into the matter”
That’s good to know but it’s been a couple of hours since then and Origin is still down. So, BF3 fans, forget your weekly BF3 matches. At least for today. Well played EA.
And here is what the developers said a few minutes ago:
We are aware of a current outage that may affect the following:

-Slow Client Launch times
-Login Issues
-Games not displaying properly
-Download Issues
-Activation and Game Licensing issues
-Origin Store Purchasing Issues
This is currently being addressed. We will post back with any updates.
Stay tuned and we’ll inform you when Origin gets back online!
A simple workaround – for the time being – is to run Origin in offline mode. Just turn it to Offline mode and then go to Battlefield 3 Battlelog and launch game. It should work. Special thanks goes to Reddit’s user, ‘mbdude’.
Origin should be up and running for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you yet, use the aforementioned workaround!