Battlefield 3 – Battlerecorder is uncertain, major issues being worked on, devs aware of “rubber arms” glitch

Battlefield 3 is certainly one of the most antictive FPS games of this year. However, it’s still bugged and some bugs/issues were even introduced with the last expansion pack. According to the game’s Twitter page, the developers are already aware of most of the game’s major issues and are working hard on fixing them. In addition, the developers are aware of the “rubber arms” glitch and will fix it, though we don’t know whether or not this fix will be present in the next update.
Furthermore, a lot of gamers are requesting the return of Battlerecorder. Unfortunately, as of right now there’s no official word on whether or not Battlerecorder will be coming to any platform. Our guess is that DICE will implement it, provided there is an even higher demand for it. So if you really want it, let the developers know about it.
Last but not least, DICE is still investigating on the game’s cheaters and hackers. There hasn’t been any single cheat ban as of yet but the developers assured us that they have a dedicated team seeking these users. Obviously, it takes time to identify and punish the right ones, so be a little bit patient guys. It’s Christmas time afte all.
We’ll keep you updated on any further news about DICE’s plans!