Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand – Assignments Detailed & How You Can Unlock Them

Battlefield 3’s DLC is almost upon us – unless you own a PS3 – and as you may have heard, it brings a new way of unlocking the new weapons in Battlefield 3. Assignments are being implemented and bellow you will find the full list and details in how you can unlock all ten Back to Karkand weapons. Now I have to say that I’m not a fan of this kind of unlocks and strongly believe that unlocks should stay the way they were. Still, DICE’s attempts to offer something new to the table are noted. What do you think of this new way of unlocking the game’s weapons?
How To Unlock Battlefield 3’s Assignments:
FAMAS (“Best Friend Forever” assignment)
•10 heals
•10 revives

L85A2 (“Professional Russian”)
•100 kills with assault rifles
•20 kills with grenade launcher
•Win 5 rounds of Squad Deathmatch
MP5 / HK53 (“Fixing it”)
•10 repairs
•1 kill with repair torch
QBZ-95B (“It Goes Boom”)
•50 anti-tank rocket kills
•5 conquest round wins
•Destroy 1 enemy vehicle with repair torch
QBB-95 (“Let It Rain”)
•20 kills with light machine guns
•2 mortar kills
QBU-88 (“Specops”)
•20 sniper rifle kills
•5 laser designator assists
MG36 (“Keep Your Head Down”)
•100 kills with light machine guns
•50 suppression kill assists
•50 ammo resupplies
L96 (“Creeping Death”)
•50 headshots
•50 spot assists
•5 knife kills
PP-19 (“Familiar Territory”)
•Capture 10 flags
•Arm 10 MCOM stations
•Play 2 hours on Strike At Karkand
Jackhammer / MK3A3 (“Scarred Veteran”)
•10 kills with PP-19
•10 kills with BTR-90
•5 kills with DPV jeep
•Play 2 hours on Gulf of Oman
•Play 2 hours on Sharqi Peninsula