Battlefield 1 may support DX12, graphics options from closed alpha build unveiled

It appears that DICE is currently experimenting with DX12 for Battlefield 1. The graphics settings from the game’s closed alpha build have been revealed and as we can see, there is currently a DX12 option. 

As we can see below, the first option enables/disables DX12. Whether this option is still experimental or not remains to be seen, and since DICE has not commented yet on DX12, we don’t know whether the final version will support it.


Apart from DX12, the closed alpha build lets PC gamers adjust the quality of textures, texture filtering, lighting, effects, post-process, mesh, terrain, undergrowth, anti-aliasing and ambient occlusion.

DICE has also implemented resolution and UI scale sliders, though as DigitalFoundry noted, the resolution slider works differently this time around. The native resolution is now set at 50%, and anything above that results in downsampling from a higher resolution.

Battlefield 1 is powered by the Frostbite 3 Engine and is currently planned for an October 21st release!

Battlefield 1 PC GTX 1080 1440p+ Gameplay Footage