Battlefield 1 – December patch detailed, introducing new free map, balance tweaks & CPU optimizations

DICE has revealed the complete changelog for Battlefield 1’s December update. This update comes with a ton of important balance changes and fixes, as well as an exciting new Custom Game setting with Standard Issue Rifles and a Spectator Mode.

Battlefield 1’s December update will introduce a new free map called Giant’s Shadow. Giant’s Shadow will be available to pre-order and Premium Pass customers on December 13th, and to everyone as a free map on December 20th.

DICE has made several fixes and tweaks to the controls and input handling for the soldier experience, and players can expect improvements and tweaks to pretty much all vehicles and weapons.

DICE has also made some changes to Battlefield 1’s Hardcore mode.

Below you can find some of the changes that will be coming with this brand new update.

Battlefield 1 – December Update Changelog:

Stability& Performance

Stability and performance is always critical to us, and in this patch we’ve done a number of improvements to ensure a solid gameplay experience. Below are some of the major changes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a hang when pressing J/K/L on console keyboard
  • Added a new Framerate Limiter option that limits the maximum framerate the game will run at to a specific amount. Limiting your framerate to a lower number can help improve performance if you are experiencing high CPU usage
  • CPU optimization to improve high framerate operation on high end video cards where there is no VRAM pressure
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash when loading levels
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash when dying in a vehicle
  • Fixed a server crash related to trip wires
  • Fixed an issue where outdated game clients could still connect to EA servers without receiving an error
  • PC: Forced v-sync to on during loading movies on PC to prevent screen tearing and stutters
  • PC: Fixed some issues that could lead to GPU hang on DX11
  • PC: Fixed ghosting issues
  • PC: Borderless full screen now works as intended
  • PC: Fixed an issue with full screen causing other windows to be resized and/or moved around



Below you’ll find the list of general fixes not included in the things we’ve already covered above.

  • Monte Grappa, Suez, Ballroom Blitz & Argonne Forest – Made tweaks to certain areas of the map where attackers had a very difficult time capturing specific sectors
  • Fixed an issue where players could get team kills when killing an enemy who has joined on a friend in your team
  • Netcode improvements to apply pose changes faster. Before it was only applied when standing and going from stand to crouch. Now it is applied for all pose transitions and while walking as well
  • Wrecked Airship parts left behind by a destroyed airship should no longer occasionally kill soldiers
  • Fixed rubber banding issues and non-smooth movement of airplanes in MP
  • Slightly adjusted the matchmaking rule set for Operations to reduce the chance of entering an Operation that is about to end
  • Re-worked how the behemoth enters the map in Operations game mode. The Behemoth will no longer appear if a team is in a significant lead. This affects both attackers and defenders in Operations
  • Defenders will no longer get a behemoth on a new level if attackers are on their last battalion
  • Reduced attacker behemoths to prevent them from getting one on each retry on second and third maps
  • Increased score difference between teams needed for behemoth to appear
  • Fixed camera jitter during deploy transition to airborne vehicles
  • Binoculars in Single Player are now working if click-to-zoom option is selected. In multiplayer if click-to-zoom is selected, the zoom clicks are not lost anymore if happening during weapon switch or reload transitions
  • Added kick of player if spawning with restricted weapons to prevent usage of weapons not allowed in Custom Games
  • Split the click/hold-to-zoom weapon option into separate ones for vehicles and soldiers
  • Fixed an issue where the player was not being awarded score for capturing a conquest point after exiting and reentering the capture area
  • Reduced mortar dispersion increase per shot from 3 to 2.75
  • Prevented the possibility to spawn with the wrong class when switching class at the time of deploy
  • Fixed an issue where grenades didn’t rotate correctly or at all when thrown from the player
  • Fixed an issue with camera transitions when dying
  • Fixed an issue with horse twitching from explosives
  • Fixed an issue where trying to place a limpet charge on a door resulted in a crooked, floating charge instead
  • Fixed an issue where prone aiming constraints were not properly applied after respawn
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes became invisible when exiting certain vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers would get stuck on top of vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where captured flags could be stretched by shooting them with shell projectiles
  • Fixed 3p stuttering of Behemoth when viewed from the ground
  • Fixed an issue with the placed collision on the tunnel ceiling on Monte Grappa
  • Fixed an issue where the rifle on cavalry would appear with the sabre animation
  • Fixed an issue where destroying turrets on behemoths with explosives would sometimes disable the wrong turrets
  • Fixed an issue which caused part destruction on airships to not work as intended
  • Fixed an issue where Elite Classes in vehicles or stationary turrets took the same amount of damage as normal soldiers
  • For players using the click-to-zoom option, sprint is now properly interrupted on zoom and re-engaged on un-zoom
  • Fortress turret wrecks now stay forever, or until a new turret respawns to prevent issues with vehicle and soldier collision
  • Minor adjustments to Ballroom Blitz battlement gate damage behavior
  • Destruction tuning to avoid floating lamps
  • Adjusted Sinai desert rock bridge debris damage and health for consistency
  • Fixed object on Ballroom Blitz that improperly caused collision damage to tanks
  • Fixed strange looking enter animation on QF1 AA Stationary Weapon
  • Added more spawn variations to the C flag in Conquest on Empire’s Edge
  • Soldiers can no longer enter the tower on Ballroom Blitz after it has been destroyed
  • Grenade throws will no longer be canceled by pressing Zoom while holding the grenade button. Instead they can be canceled with Reload
  • Fixed flare projectiles penetrating aircraft
  • Flare projectile now breaks glass
  • Soldiers can no longer switch to rifle grenades when they are out of ammo. The C96 Carbine now automatically switches to secondary when out of ammo
  • Fixed the beam reticule for the Cei-Rigotti showing the cross reticule instead
  • Corrected occlusion and collision issues on Ballroom Blitz
  • Resized the Ring Reticule for improved shooting experience
  • The mortar can no longer be deployed on bushes
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes matchmaking from recommendation did not show the loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be taken to an earlier check point when rebooting the console while playing the campaign


  • Improved overall UI performance and stability
  • Fixed an issue of Medics not seeing 3D revive/minimap death icons of team mates who died behind them until they look at the body
  • Hardcore now shows team kills in the score log
  • Made it simpler to report offensive emblems by adding reporting functionality in the EoR scoreboard
  • Improved latency in End of Round when scrolling through the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle crosshairs would disappear in Hardcore when using the Armored Train or Dreadnaught
  • Gadgets now take priority if pressing DPAD up and DPAD left or right at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with the Operation Outcome screen that caused it to display the wrong information about the result of the Operation
  • Crosshair visibility can now be adjusted in the gameplay options
  • Fixed an exploit where a player could steal Squad Leader status from an active squad leader
  • Fixed anissue with the number of service stars always showing as zero in the customize screen
  • a gas mask in stationary weapons and other vehicle seats where it was previously hardcoded
  • Fixed an issue where customization submenus would automatically close while selecting equipment
  • Fixed an issue with the current soldier not displaying in the squad screen in Team Deathmatch
  • Squads with players in a party now stay unlocked if there are only two players in the party
  • Prevent squads having too many players when running map rotations with mixed game modes
  • Joystick now works without setting the controller layout to Custom
  • Fixed an issue causing delays in game chat
  • Fixed an issue where hints would get stuck on the screen
  • Skins unlocked from Battlepacks now properly indicate they are for all patterns of a specific weapon
  • Fixed an issue where friendly mortars would sometimes appear as deploy points
  • Player can now select squad spawn points with the DPAD
  • Fixed an issue where a tech hang was caused by joining an Operation’s session while in progressive installation
  • Fixed an issue where no error messages were displayed when accepting a Multiplayer invite during progressive installation while playing Singleplayer
  • Fixed an issue where joining a multiplayer game invite resulted in a black background
  • Fixed an issue where no queue information was provided after accepting an invite to a full server, while on another server with the option menu open
  • Fixed an issue where the round bonus score bar in EoR personal tab was counting up and then disappearing
  • Fixed an issue where spamming the options button in EoR lead to a technical hang in the next round
  • Fixed an issue with Model 10-A Slug that was tracked as Artillery kills in the EOR screen
  • Fixed an issue where the EoR countdown stopped when quickly navigating through tabs
  • Fixed an issue where a tech-hang was caused after selecting the shovel and bayonet in Weapons and gadgets
  • PC: Added server info in the “…” menu
  • PC: Pressing “ESC” while in customize now properly takes you back to the deploy screen
  • PC: Exposed Gas Mask key bind in vehicle section. This allows you to rebind the button to put on


  • Fixed so that master and music volume fades nicely to the saved settings when starting the game
  • Fixed an issue with in-world sound heard briefly when going into the Deploy Screen