Bastion DLC Announced; coming to PC for free

Bastion PC fans, get ready for a free DLC that is headed towards your way. On December 14, Supergiant Games will bring the Stranger’s Dream DLC for Bastion on XBLA, which should give us some good reasons to come back to the game while preserving the core experience just as they intended. Most importantly though is that this DLC will be free for all PC gamers.
The bad news is that it might get delayed as Supergiant Games has stated that the Steam version will receive this free update when it becomes available (notice that they didn’t mention any specific release? ). Supergiant Games will also be working with the various online vendors to update their versions of the Bastion installer so that those who own a non-Steam version can download the latest one, containing the update.
Stranger’s Dream DLC will feature The Stranger’s Dream which is a new fully narrated Who Knows Where sequence, bigger and more challenging than the others. It will also feature a Score Attack Mode, and a No-Sweat Mode.
The Steam and XBLA versions of the game will also contain new Leaderboards for the Stranger’s Dream and Score Attack Mode.
To access the Stranger’s Dream sequence as well as Score Attack Mode, players will need to have finished the game at least once. The Stranger’s Dream sequence will be available early on in their New Game Plus or Score Attack play-through.