BasketDudes – FreeToPlay basketball game detailed

Bitoon Games revealed today via a press release, BasketDudes’ details and features. BasketDudes is a free-to-play 3D action sports MMORPG basketball game that is developed by Bitoon Games’ internal team. The game is currently in closed beta phase and will be made available to all PC and Mac gamers on Q2 2011. We have to admit that this is a refreshing and original MMO and given the fact that it is free-to-play, you should definitely give it a shot.
BasketDudes focuses on PvP and those interested can register at the game’s official website. Moreover, the game combines RPG and Trading Card gameplay components, it has low PC requirements, it’s client-based,  features cute 3D graphics and players can create their own Stadium Arena.
As the press release reads:
Register as a Manager, set up your Team, and personalize it to your liking prior entering the WBC’s competitions. Start enrolling and training your Players, discovering everything about their history, the basket schools where they’ve grown up as professionals, and what’s their playing style. Define your game strategy and lead your own dream team to the top position of the WBC’ s ranking.

As you complete matches, you will start gaining Duddies and Virtual Goods to improve and customize your Players’ skills, as well as obtain new game abilities and power-ups in the shape of Player’s Talents and Game Cards. Acquire experience as a Manager and level-up your team to discover new gaming features and the most sensational basketball player.

Besides its rich game features and its original and cared visual style, BasketDudes offers a unique narrative setting built around the game, offering users an all embracing and joyful gaming experience. Users will get in touch directly with the WBC’s history, its players’ professional and personal past, as well as meeting the basketball schools in which they’ve been trained. All this in an exciting real-time 3D action sports atmosphere in which users can access game stats, visit the virtual BasketDudes shop, challenge other teams, do trading with other Managers, create private tournaments with friends, chat and, in short… be part of the exciting BasketDudes community