Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – post-launch content confirmed, AI pathfinding will be tweaked

Trent Oster has revealed some new interesting information about the Enhanced Edition of both Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2. According to Oster, there are currently 8 ex-BioWare developers working on it and the game’s UI is being reworked. Oster also admitted that they are pretty anxious to keep both of the Enhanced Editions going after release and that new content is a big part of those plans. In other words, we can expect some post-launch DLCs for it. It has not been decided yet whether these will be for free or not.
Oster has also provided some inside look at how the UI interface works. The new UI system pulls all the rules data from an internal database.  Previously, all the rules were in code and the team is currently working on the volume of screens that need to be reworked. Naturally, there are lot of UI screens that need an extra polish.
In other news, Beamdog is trying to find a way to enable mods on the iPad version, while they are planning to keep all Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition saves compatible across all platforms. Furthermore, the team promised to tweak the game’s AI pathfinding, even though they have not worked on it yet.
Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is currently slated for a Summer release on Mac/PC and iOS devices.