Awesome Games Done Quick 2013 – Hits $100,000 With Four More Days To Go

Dark Souls v2
Now this is simply brilliant. Remember the Connecticut incident and how everyone blamed videogames for that act? Well okay, most of you already know that this whole connection between the Connecticut massacre and videogames was a piele of crap, but it’s time to show to your families, friends, and all those media hypocrites that gamers are way ahead of them, organizing things that they would not ever dare attempting.
Awesome Games Done Quick 2013 is a speedrun marathon that is organized by Speed Demos Archive. This marathon lasts 7 days and has already offered us some amazing speedruns of various games. During this marathon, gamers (and pretty much everyone watching the stream) can donate money  to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, our partner for this event. And we are happy to report that AGDQ has managed to raise $100K in its first three days.
We highly recommend sharing this news. In fact, we strongly suggest watching this marathon as there are still some amazing games that will be put to the test. Batman: Arkham City and Dark Souls are two of them. Then we have Donkey Kong Country 1-2, God of War 2, Devil May Cry 3, Doom I and II… hell, even Starcraft 2 and Goldeneye 007 are in there.