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Avalanche co-founder and Just Cause creator sets up a new studio, Liquid Swords

It appears that the founder and ex-chief creative officer of Sweden’s Avalanche studios Christofer Sundberg has set up a brand new development studio. Since departing from Avalanche in 2019, Sundberg went quiet about his next gaming career move.

However, he recently broke the silence on Twitter, and announced his return to gaming with the formation of a new studio, Liquid Swords.

In a recent Facebook post, the Just Cause creator told this studio is set to focus on open-world action titles. The studio is going to be headquartered in Stockholm, but it will have a semi-distributed team with multiple studio locations located worldwide.

A press release says Liquid Swords will be focused on open world action, explosions, shareable experiences and memorable game moments for next-generation consoles, streaming platforms and PC. Sundberg goes on to say that the new games will be “focused on high action and giant spectacle”.

Nothing much is shown, aside from a sole image that could either be a tease, or just a branding. Liquid Swords studio name is actually a reference to one of the greatest RAP albums of all time, which is Wu Tang member GZA’s solo project Liquid Swords.

“I’ve taken a one year break from the games business and it was a very much needed break indeed. It has given me time to think about what I really want to create with a new studio. What remains identical to my way of building and running Avalanche Studios over the last 17 years is a no-nonsense, game development-focused approach,” Sundberg wrote.

“The games we create at Liquid Swords are focused on high action and giant spectacle. After living and breathing the Just Cause franchise from the day I started Avalanche Studios to the eventual sale of the company, I am excited to come back and create spectacular experiences for players to explore, share and enjoy.”

 “The ultimate goal of Liquid Swords is to bring back game development to where it should be: intensely creative and fun while at the same time bringing game development forward with a strong focus on building innovative action experiences rather than business plans and spreadsheets. That said, Liquid Swords is a business, not a playground for aimless ideas. Our swords are sharpened, our mission is set and we could not be more excited about what the future holds.”

Stay tuned for more!