Asylum blends perfectly Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s atmosphere with the point n click mechanics

Okay guys, I’m overly excited about Senscape’s upcoming game. Most adventure fans will already know them but in case you somehow hate this genre, let us tell you that these minds were behind the acclaimed adventure game Scratches. Their next project is called Asylum and the company released today its first gameplay trailer.
As you will see, it shares the same atmosphere with Frictional Games’ horror game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The only difference is that Asylum will be a point n click adventure game, whereas Amnesia was a first person horror game with free movement. Authored by Agustín Cordes, designer of the popular and award-winning Scratches, the project aims to provide a genuinely heart-stopping and menacing experience.
Enjoy the trailer!
Asylum Gameplay Video #1