Assassin’s Creed Unity flooded with positive reviews on Steam

Assassin’s Creed Unity on the Steam store is being bombarded with a barrage of positive reviews to the point where the game’s overall score has been raised. In support of both Ubisoft donating 500K Euros towards the Notre- Dame restoration fund, as well as giving away the game for free until April 25th, gamers everywhere have once again chosen Steam’s review system to make their voices count.

The fact that Assassin’s Creed Unity is making news right now is not only appropriate due to being set during the French revolution, but also due to how the majestic, 14th-century cathedral has been recreated in-game. The entire building is there for players to climb and explore, and it represented one of the most detailed architectural recreations ever placed in a video game during its time.

I am largely against the ethics of review bombing, however I can truly appreciate the irony of this event considering that Steam recently implemented a system to moderate irregular review activity. I am sure this move must have represented an interesting, albeit pleasant, surprise to their algorithm.

Despite its catastrophic launch (literally causing Ubisoft to rethink the idea of an annual launch strategy), it is nice seeing my secret, guilty pleasure of the Assassin’s Creed franchise making this unexpected resurgence. In the wake of the recent tragedy at Notre-Dame, now represents the perfect time to replay this game, especially if it can spur more gamers to show one of Paris’s greatest treasures their support.

Source: Polygon