Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Is Officially Coming To Steam On February 9th

Koei Tecmo Europe revealed today that the upcoming anime-based tactical action title Arslan: the Warriors of Legend will also receive a PC release via Steam on February 9th.

The Steam ‘Coming Soon’ page will open on the January 14th at 2pm GMT, while Koei Tecmo also detailed early purchase bonus content for those who acquire the game in the first month post launch. Specifically, gamers will be able to download ‘Conflict at Gujarat Fortress’ and ‘Battle for the Title’, two new original scenarios for the Free Mode. Both scenarios offer players the possibility to unlock some very special Limited Skill Cards, which will give them an extra edge in battle.

Koei Tecmo also announced that Arslan: The Warriors of Legend will include an array of original scenarios fans of the ‘Heroic Legend of Arslan’ are bound to love.

“These extra scenarios are based on episodes of the original novels and manga, but they were never part of the animated series. They will gradually become unlocked via the Story mode and can be played in the Free mode of the game, allowing players to become increasingly more familiar with its history and playable characters.”