Arma 3 Alpha Gets A New Update – Dynamic Lights Optimized, Fog Fully Enabled

ArmA III v3
Bohemia Interactive has released a new patch for the alpha build of Arma 3. According to its release notes, this patch comes with minor optimizations for dynamic light, fully enables the Fog effect, and fixes serialization of particle emitters. As always, this patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam next time you run it, and you can view its complete changelog below. Enjoy!
Arma 3 Alpha Update Changelog:
-Added: Functions are now compiled using newly introduced compileFinal
-Added: Functions meta data are now secured against rewriting
-Removed use of vulnerable script commands in DynO functions
-Added: BIS_fnc_log enabled in public version when ‘allowFunctionsLog = 1;’ is set in description.ext
-Fixed: BIS_fnc_sideColor can now load non-number values
-Fixed: BIS_fnc_functionMeta was not working with scenario and campaign functions
-Added: Scenario / campaign functions now support ‘forced’ param, allowing them to be executed automatically upon mission start
-Added: BIS_fnc_spawn
-Added: Ability to execute BIS_fnc_execVM and BIS_fnc_execFSM without arguments
-Fixed: BIS_fnc_error was not working correctly
-Changed: Splendid Camera roll speed decreased, users should no longer be inclined to take screens with too extreme roll
-Fog is now really enabled for this branch
-getFuelCargo, getAmmoCargo, getRepairCargo commands added
-Fixes to serialization of particle emitters
-Fixed: shoreline was not covered by fog properly
-Correct vonCodecQuality is set now
-Fixed: Animation source gear for PhysX vehicles
-Fixed: Ships are now using the correct Arma 3 gearbox
-Merge from OA: attack helicopter was unable to engage with rockets (PhysX-compatible)
-Fixed: canMove on a vehicle with dead driver would return false in some cases
-Improved synchronization of structure destruction in MP
-Hotfixed: (MP crash)
-Fixed: AI now uses optics better to detect enemies
-Fixed: Switching HDR settings could cause graphical corruption
-Added: Removing destroyed buildings from PhysX simulation
-Fixed: Crash opportunity related to PhysX
-Added: new events for inventory event handlers: “Take” and “Put”
-Fixed: improved path planning related to roads
-Tweaked darkness detection and use of NVG by AI
-Minor optimizations to dynamic lights
-Added: difficulty command to return high-level selected difficulty mode
-Added: getArtilleryETA script command
-Input Array: [unit, targetX, targetY, targetZ, magazineType]
-Returns: ETA of the first available mode (the mode the AI will probably use)
-Fixed: Glitch in blending of 2 animations masks
-Added: compileFinal command
-Removed fully script commands: setVehicleInit, clearVehicleInit, processInitCommands
-Made all script commands final (no longer possible to reassign in most circumstances)
-Fixed: healing sound could play in an endless loop
-Attenuation of dynamic lights can now be influenced by a new parameter in asset configuration – maximum distance of light
-On steep surfaces, players now crouch instead of fully standing up
-showScriptErrors enabled by default
-To allow better debugging (may or may not be changed for final release)