Double Dragon Revive feature

Arc System Works will revive the classic Double Dragon game

Arc System Works has announced a 3D remake of the classic Double Dragon game. Double Dragon Revive will be coming to PC in 2025, and below you can find its debut trailer.

Developed by YUKE’S, Double Dragon Revive promises to be better than the previous 3D remake of Double Dragon. Because, yes. If you didn’t know, in 2014, we got Double Dragon: Neon which was a bit disappointing.

In Double Dragon Revive, the player will traverse the screen horizontally to take down enemies. In other words, it will be similar to the classic action platformers of the past. Players will experience the same simple and intuitive gameplay, with controls and balance refined for the modern era.

As the press release reads, the game is supervised by staff with experience on various Arc System Works fighting game titles. In theory, this will make it better than other 3D remakes of classic action platform titles. And, if this trailer is any indication, the hit reaction seems to be pretty good.

According to the devs, the combat will require adaptation and variety, more than a simple button-masher. Players will delve into the strategy by learning enemy patterns and finding the most effective attack timings. They will also be able to pick up weapons scattered throughout the stages and make the most of the area gimmicks to seize the upperhand in battle.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

『Double Dragon Revive』 - Announcement Trailer