APEX Legends surpasses 25 million players, over 2 million concurrent players peak

Respawn has announced that its free to play game, APEX Legends, has surpassed more than 25 million players and had well over 2 million concurrent players at its peak. APEX Legends seems to be doing great and it’s the game that has brought Respawn back to everyone’s radar.

Four days ago, Respawn stated that its free to play title had surpassed over 10 million players and had breached 1 million concurrent players.

In other words, in four days the game attracted 15 million players worldwide.

It’s pretty crazy but APEX Legends was able to surpass 25 million players in a week. Yeap, the game has been out for only a week and even though it’s a F2P game, it has received the love and attention of numerous gamers.

Here is hoping that this success will make EA re-consider and let Respawn develop Titanfall 3. It will also be interesting to see whether Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars game will be as impressive in the single-player genre as is APEX Legends for the battle royale genre.