APB Reloaded Hits Version 14

APB Reloaded

Reloaded Productions announced today that APB Reloaded, the massively multiplayer online free-to-play title that has over 3 million registered users, updated to Version 14, adding multiple free in-game updates, a new purchasable bundle and entirely new downloadable packs exclusive to the Steam network.

According to the press release, APB Reloaded’s version 14 adds:

· Two new contacts, Aletta & Gumball in the Financial District – they extend the game’s high level progression by 20 more levels
· Radar tower car mod – Highlights enemies on your radar that pass near your vehicle
· Blowtorch weapon – Heals damage done to your vehicle, burns enemies
· Remote Detonator car mod – Just like it says. Push the button, car goes boom.
· Muffler car mod – Keeps your vehicle off radar while you coast
· High Burn Point Fuel car mod – Being near your car if and when it explodes causes it to hurt less
· Flare gun weapon – Previously only available via Joker Distribution, now available via progression.
· Additional slot unlocks – for clothing, themes, songs, and vehicles

A brand new purchasable bundle is now available via the APB Marketplace. The bundle brings together the
· Rocker Outfit
· TAS20 Shotgun
· Vegas G20 ‘Rhino’ Muscle Car and Body Kit

In addition, players on Steam can now buy two exclusive new bundles:

· New Blood Pack ($9) A starter kit to get new players up and running, with 14 days each of Premium, the ACT44 handgun, and the NFAS shotgun (the ultimate spray and pray weapon)

· Key to the City Pack ($99) The ultimate collection of permanent cars, guns, gear, designs, and emotes.

Michael Boniface, the European Managing Director of Reloaded Productions, said:

“For every update we listen very carefully to what our players and forum members are telling us and combine the best ideas and concepts with those from our development team. It means every update introduces significant ideas to the game and involves our players from the very beginning. Our goal is simple – to make APB Reloaded one of the best MMO games in the world. We’re committed to supporting, updating and improving APB.”

Those interested can go ahead and download the game from its official website.