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Anthem Next, also known as Anthem 2.0, could be cancelled

Anthem is an online open-world action role-playing game from Bioware. The development of the game started after the release of Mass Effect 3.

During the years several events changed the final design of the game. Eventually, several developers departed from the studio, along with Drew Karpyshyn, who was one of the writers.

After a very messy launch and mediocre reception, Bioware decided to overhaul the game completely. The new name of the game is Anthem Next. Bioware has been working on the overhaul for about two years.

According to Bloomberg, Electronic Arts will be looking at the current version of Anthem this week. This can only mean two things; either the game is getting cancelled, or Bioware will continue working on the game.

Lastly, the developer team has already lost several key leaders, including lead producer Ben Irving, and also executive producer Christian Dailey.

We will make sure to keep you informed about any further developments regarding Anthem Next.

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