Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s horror total conversion, White Night, is out now

If there is one adventure series that I really loved these past years, this is definitely Frictional Games’ Penumbra series – I still consider Amnesia as the spiritual successor of Penumbra so you can add it to that series. Frictional Games is a really talented studio, no doubt about that. Their latest game, Amnesia has managed to top their previous attempts and is still considered as one of the best horror games ever created.
The company was clever enough to provide some modding tools to the gamers and here comes the first promising TC. White Night is a total conversion mod for Amnesia that focuses mostly on storytelling and is out right here, right now.
As the modder described, this is an old-school type thriller. Although it’s not mainly horror game, it’ll have its scares; and will offer beautifully designed levels in an old-fashioned asylum with various puzzles to solve. You will discover what happened to David, and why the mod is called “White Night”.
Enjoy its teaser trailer!