AMD/NVIDIA Market-Share Q3 2015 – NVIDIA Conquers But AMD Gains Momentum With A 0.8% Increase

Back in August, we informed you about the AMD/NVIDIA market share for Q2 2015. As we said back then, NVIDIA has been dominating the discrete GPU market. And a couple of days ago, Jon Peddie Research shared its latest data for Q3 2015, in which AMD has seen an increase of 0.8% in the discrete GPU market.

NVIDIA is still dominating the charts with a really healthy 81.1%, followed by AMD with 18.8%. And while AMD has a momentum given these latest stats, it will take a lot to challenge NVIDIA.


It’s good witnessing AMD trying its best to compete with NVIDIA. And with DX12 just around the corner, it will be interesting to see whether the red team will be able to gain the trust – and the money – from NVIDIA’s customers.

It will also be interesting to see what NVIDIA’s reaction will be, especially after most recent reports claiming that the performance of NVIDIA’s cards under this new API was somehow underwhelming.