AMD Radeon RX480 officially announced, will be priced at $199, shows Crossfire surpassing GTX 1080

AMD’s senior vice president and chief architect, Raja Koduri, has officially announced the Radeon RX480. The AMD Radeon RX480 will be priced at $199 and will be available on June 29th, will sport over 5TFLOPS, features 36 CUs, offers 256GB/sec memory bandwidth, will come in two models (4GB and 8GB) and will be at 150W TDP.

Radeon RX480 feature

Polaris was based on the idea to make VR affordable to a lot of gamers.


What’s also interesting is that given this card’s price, PC gamers can get a Crossfire system (2XRadeon RX480) that will cost them less than a system with NVIDIA’s GTX1080, that will offer better performance. Of course we’re talking about a multi-GPU versus a single-GPU system here, meaning that in a lot of cases teh single-GPU system will perform better (in case an engine lacks support for multi-GPUs). However, it’s really amazing that two Radeon RX480 are around $250 cheaper than NVIDIA’s GPU and perform better in such extreme scenarios like the DX12 version of Ashes of the Singularity. Yeap, NVIDIA made a big mistake there with the ridiculous price for the GTX1080.