AMD Radeon RX Vega – First 3DMark 11 benchmark leaked

AMD will release its new RX Vega GPUs at the end of this month, and it appears that the first 3DMark 11 benchmark has been leaked online. According to the benchmark, AMD’s new graphics card is somewhere between NVIDIA’s GTX1080 and GTX1080Ti.

Going into more details, the AMD RX Vega will be most likely clocked at 1630Mhz and its memory frequency will be clocked at 945MHz. As such, the RX Vega is more powerful than the Frontier Edition (which was boosted at 1440Mhz with its HBM2 speed set at 700MHz).

WCCFTech has shared the following image in which the RX Vega was put against NVIDIA’s GTX1070, GTX1080 and GTX1080Ti. The AMD RX Vega was faster than both the GTX1070 and GTX1080, though it was significantly slower than the GTX1080Ti.

This basically confirms our assumption regarding RX Vega. As we’ve already claimed, we expect this new AMD graphics card to perform somewhere between the GTX1080 and the GTX1080Ti. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how much it will cost.