AMD Kaveri APU Showcased, Has Double The Performance Of Intel 4770K With A GeForce GT630


AMD’s Developer Summit is currently underway and yesterday the company showcased its new APU, the Kaveri. AMD’s Kaveri – the A10-7850K – was put against an Intel i7-4770K paired with an Nvidia GeForce GT630. Without a discrete GPU – and without taking advantage of the Mantle API – the A10-7850K has double the performance of the aforementioned combo in Battlefield 4. There is a video from that demonstration that can be viewed below. AMD’s Kaveri APU was running Battlefield 4 at 1080p and medium settings with 28-40fps while the i7-4770K + GeForce GT630 combo was running it with 12-15fps. AMD’s Kaveri APU will be released in the first quarter of 2014. Enjoy!

APU13: AMD "Kaveri" vs Intel Core i7 4770K + NVIDIA GeForce GT630