AMD Catalyst 14.2 Beta Released – THIEF Performance Improvements, BF4 Mantle Multi-GPU Support

AMD has released a new set of beta drivers for its graphics cards. According to the release notes, AMD’s Catalyst 14.2 Beta bring performance improvements to THIEF, as well as support for multiple GPUs (up to 4 GPUs) to Battlefield 4.

Those interested can download these new drivers from here.

And here are the key features of these new drivers:

  • Thief:  Crossfire Profile update and performance improvements for single GPU configurations

  • Mantle:  Multi-GPU configurations (up to 4 GPUs) running Battlefield 4 are now supported

  • Frame Pacing for Dual Graphics and non-XDMA configurations above 2560×1600 are now supported with Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4

  • Dual graphics DirectX 9 application issues have been resolved

  • Minecraft:  Missing textures have been resolved

  • 3D applications no longer see intermittent hangs or application crashes

  • Resolves corruption issues seen in X-plane