AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta Driver Released

AMD has released a new beta Catalyst driver for its graphic cards. AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta comes with a re-designed Catalyst Control Center user interface, in which gamers can view all profiled applications, recently run applications, as well as profile applications based on power source.
AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta sports up to 10% performance improvements in Lost Planet 2 in single GPU configurations, and resolves a number of issues that plagued older and newer games.
Windows 7/Vista owners can download the driver from here, while Windows XP owners can download it from here.
Here is the complete changelog of AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta:
Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta: AMD Catalyst Mobility support for AMD Enduro Technology
AMD Catalyst Mobility now includes support for AMD Enduro Technology.
•AMD Enduro Technology for Notebooks delivers:
-Long lasting battery life
-GPU accelerated performance for gaming, video, and compute apps
-A Seamless and automatic experience
New features found in Catalyst 12.9 Beta:
•Re-designed Catalyst Control Center user interface
-View all profiled applications
-View recently run applications
-Profile applications based on power source
•Expert mode control and customization
-Performance centric AC
-Battery centric DC
Feature Highlights of AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta Linux® Driver: New OS Support
This release of AMD Catalyst Linux introduces support for the following new operating systems.
•Ubuntu 12.10 early look support
•RHEL 6.3 production support
Performance highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 12.9 Beta (versus AMD Catalyst 12.8)
•Up to 10% in Lost Planet 2 in single GPU configurations
This section provides information on resolved known issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst12.9 Beta software suite.
Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System
•Krater crashes when run on HD 7000 series products
•Dirt Showdown 8-Ball hangs when CrossFire is enabled
•The Amazing Spider Man stuttering experienced at certain game locations
•Deus Ex Human Revolution: Intro scenes stutter
•F1 2011: Vehicle textures flicker when game is run at low settings
•Dirt Showdown: Flickering seen when benchmark is run in DirectX 11 mode
•Battlefield – Bad Company 2: Flickering textures seen in CrossFire mode
•Alan Wake: freezes when run in DirectX 9 mode with a 3×1 Eyefinity layout.
•Portal 2: freezes when run in DirectX 9 mode with a 3×1 Eyefinity layout
•Catalyst Control Center Overscan settings are now correctly retained across reboots
•Tri and Quad CrossFire+ Eyefinity configurations – Certain DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 applications lower than expected performance
•FireFox – corruption observed in CrossFire configurations
•Enabling Overdrive settings increased clocks in all power states
•Availability of AMD Video Converter support in AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta Windows 7 and Windows Vista packages
Resolved Issues for the Windows Vista Operating System
•Corruption seen during Blu Ray playback using Cyberlink PowerDVD 12
Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System
•Riddick – Assault on Dark Athena : Tearing observed when run at High game settings in a CrossFire configuration
•The audio driver incorrectly installed