Amazon is reportedly investing millions into video games

According to The New York Times, Amazon is investing hundreds of millions into gaming. The first original big-budget game is planned to be released this May. The game is called Crucible, and it is a 12-player, class-based science-fiction game in which players form alliances to become the last man standing.

“The big picture is about trying to take the best of Amazon and bringing it to games”. Mike Frazzini, Amazon’s vice president for game services and studios.

Amazon is also developing a cloud gaming platform with the name Project Tempo. Meaning other cloud gaming platforms like Stadia, will now have a new rival. Project Tempo will probably work along with their upcoming games, Crucible and New World.

We have been working for a while, but it takes a long time to make games, and we’re bringing a lot of Amazon practices to making games”. Mike Frazzini.

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing title, which is also scheduled to be released next month. The game is set in the mid-1600s, and players colonize a fictional land modeled after British America in the Atlantic Ocean.

A third game is being developed by Irvine studio, which is based on the Lord of the Rings franchise. Not really surprising since Amazon bought the rights a while back. This will also be a massively multiplayer online game.

Thanks New York Times.

Chris Kountouras

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