Amazing cover of Final Fantasy VI’s OST

Okay, this is simply amazing. YouTube’s member ‘Marcpapeghin’ did an amazing cover for, pretty much, every Final Fantasy VI song, arranged them together and recorded them. Contrary to other covers, this one is simply beyond words as Marc Papeghin has managed to capture the spirit of the game and used lots of instruments by himself. This is simply too good to pass by and you should definitely give it a go. This man deserves the spotlight, believe us. Alongside the video, you can also find the tracklist with the songs/tunes that were ‘covered’. Enjoy!

Locke’s Theme
Edgar & Sabin’s Theme
Save Them !
Shadow’s Theme
Kids Run Through the City
The Decisive Battle
Setzer’s Theme
The Airship Blackjack
Searching for Friends
Balance Is Restored~~Ending Theme

The Epic Final Fantasy VI Medley