Altitude0: Lower & Faster Is Now Open For Play

Gugila team announced today that Altitude0: Lower & Faster, an online air racing game for  PC, is now open for play. Altitude0: Lower & Faster is said to be a delightfully reckless air racing, flying at a frighteningly low altitude as fast as possible. The lower you fly, the faster you go and the better A0 pilot you become.
Altitude0 is about speed, skills and competition. It’s really up to you and not about a predefined in-game character, whether you improve your flying skills and become a flying ace.
Altitude0: Lower & Faster has a single player mode where you compete against replays of others and also an online multiplayer mode. A special “Freeway” multiplayer mode makes it possible to join the race at any time and a big number of players (30 and more) can participate in the same race. If there aren’t enough real players present in the race, replays of random pilots will be spawned to spice it up.
Currently the game is fully playable and competitions are open in 2 different environments (alpine mountains and desert canyon) with numerous tracks. The game is free to play, but some features are available to supporting users only.
Altitude0 : Lower & Faster - Air Racing Game Trailer