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Alpha version of fan-made Attack on Titan game is now available to everyone

Back in May we informed you about a fan-made Attack on Titan game in Unreal Engine 4. Well, the good news is that Guedin has continued working on it and released an alpha version. This alpha version is available to everyone, and you can find its download link after the jump.

Guedin’s Attack on Titan Fan Game will be a free multiplayer in which players will will fight in co-op against hordes of Titans. This alpha version lets you fight some Titans in Shiganshina District.

The alpha version packs an early implementation of the combat mechanic and an early set up of the “Save Humanity” game mode. Furthermore, Guedin has improved the performance of the game.

Now I’m pretty sure that a lot of gamers will start wondering why Guedin is working on a AoT game when KOEI Tecmo has already released one. Won’t KOEI Tecmo take it down? Well, the good news is that all the previous Attack on Titan fan games are still available. Moreover, Guedin’s fan game looks really cool. And since Attack on Titan 2 is currently under development, we hope that KOEI Tecmo won’t send him a C&D letter.

It will be interesting to see whether Guedin will be able to complete this fan game or not. Still, and even if he doesn’t complete it, we’ll have at least this alpha release.

Those interested can download it from here.

Have fun!

Guedin's Attack on Titan Fan Game - Alpha 12