Alienware Release Ultra-Wide Curved Displays

If you are a gamer and have never used a Ultra-Wide display then sadly you have been missing out on something that incredible. Alienware have added to the mix of choices you can choose from with two new panels.

If there is something I really enjoy about PCgaming it is the technology behind the monitors and how amazing enthusiast level gaming monitors can be. Both of these monitors released by Alienware are no doubt enthusiast level displays due to the fact that their cost is $1499 and $1199, most peoples complete computer rig is around that cost.

Above we have got the Alienwares flagship display, the AW3418DW is an IPS-based panel with a crisp resolution of 3440x1440p at 120Hz (when overclocked).

The second release by Alienware is their AW3418HW which no doubt looks identical to the flagship model but under the hood there is a $300 difference. The AW3418HW has a max resolution of 2560×1080 but has a higher Hz rate at 160Hz (overclocked).

I have extensively used Ultra-Wide displays while benchmarking games live as well as running in-game benchmarks as it was my job. The live experience in something like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or DOOM is incredible, the cinema feel is real when you use it for long enough. The typical gamer has been using the same 16:9 aspect ratio for quite some time now and for me personally I believe 21:9 Ultra-Wide is the future for a immersive gaming experience.

Source: Anandtech