Aliens: Colonial Marines Soundtrack Is Now Available For Free

Aliens Colonial Marines v2
Bad news: Aliens: Colonial Marines is still as bad as you remember it (although it does look sexier on the PC thanks to SweetFX and its latest patch). Good news: SEGA is offering the game’s soundtrack for free. Aliens: Colonial Marines’ music was composed by Kevin Riepl, and you can download the whole score from here.
As and older press release read, Kevin Riepl’s original score for Aliens: Colonial Marines features ‘all new themes and atmospheric underscores while staying faithful to the franchise’s iconic scores of Ridley Scott’s and James Cameron’s classic sci-fi horror cinema. Infusing his haunting, sweeping and bombastic orchestral score with familiar nods and intense cinematic action music performed by full live orchestra, Riepl draws on his own classical training and film scoring background to create an authentic Aliens: Colonial Marines score that will immerse players in the definitive Aliens gaming experience‘.
Well, at least Kevin has delivered – contrary to the development studios that were involved with this new Aliens title. And even though the game was mediocre, its score was actually good. And since it’s being offered for free… well… can you say no to free stuff?