Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul Mod Version 5 released, improves visuals & AI

While Aliens: Colonial Marines was a huge disappointment, modders tried their best to improve all aspects of it. And thanks to them, the game is quite enjoyable now (though it still is not as good as its E3 fake demo). But anyway, Templar GFX Modding has released a brand new version of its Aliens: Colonial Marines overhaul mod.

According to the release notes, Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul version 5 visually improves all levels. Moreover, this new version of the mod adds permanent decals, and improves Pixel Shader for better graphics.

Naturally, this mod also improves the AI. The team has reworked AI Targeting mechanics to improve xeno and human combat, and slightly improved the Human combat AI. In addition, it brought significant improvements to Xeno dodging and jumping.

This is a must-have mod for those wishing to re-play Gearbox’s Aliens game. Therefore, we strongly suggest downloading its latest version from here.

Below you can find its complete changelog.

V5 Update changes :

– All Levels have had a graphic overhaul (only Sulaco was included and a bit of Hadleys Hope in V4)
– Bug Hunt MP modified for Xeno’s only (no WY grunts) and uses V5 Xeno configs
– Fixed Laser Attachment
– Fixed Extended Mag for Pulse Rifle
– Permanent Decals
– Improved Engine Config for higher quality graphics
– Improved Pixel Shader for better graphics
– Reworked AI Targeting mechanics to improve xeno and human combat
– Slight Improvement to Human combat AI
– Significant Improvement to Xeno dodging and jumping

Overhaul Overview (The Highlights) :

– Fixes Weapon Firing mechanics so they shoot where you point
– Addresses Xeno AI so they are dangerous and smart
– Resolves Human AI so they are slightly less stupid (only so much I can do!)
– Rebalanced and Reconfigured Weapons
– Particles and Effects game-wide recoded for better visual quality
– More Xenos in many Situations
– Smart Gun available 5 times throughout the campaign instead of just 2