Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Gets An Early Access Release On Steam

Akaneiro Demon Hunters
Spicy Horse Games has released an early build of its hack n slash title, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, on Steam. Priced at 9,99€, this early access will let players start playing and get involved with this game as it develops. As the company noted, while Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is currently in a launched state, its is still introducing many new features.
“We would like your feedback on the experience, everything from current features to ideas on future features will help us prioritize and develop upcoming content for the game.”
The early access pack of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters comes with:
-Exclusive Steam Necklace. Boosts all base attributes.
-Exclusive Raging Steam Blast Katana.
-25,000 Karma Shards. Karma Shards are the raw currency formed from the blood of the fallen Yokai.
-60 Karma Crystals. Karma Crystals are the highly valued currency refined from Karma in its most pure state.
-20 Shinigami Scroll consumables. Used to revive and smite surrounding enemies.
-3 Sea Urchin Sushi consumables. Boosts base Power stat
-3 Kagami Mochi consumables. Boosts base Skill stat
-3 Dorayaki consumables. Boosts base Defense stat
-3 Fugu Tempura consumables. Boosts Movement Speed
-3 Sukiyaki consumables. Boosts Critical Chance
-3 Sochu consumables. Boosts XP earned from monsters.
-3 Awamori consumables. Boosts loot drop quality.
-3 Hojicha Tea consumables. Boots Energy regeneration rate.
-3 Chrysanthemum Tea consumables. Boosts health Regeneration rate.
Those interested can purchase it from here.
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