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Agony and Agony Unrated have sold over 300K copies, new gameplay video released for SUCCUBUS

Madmind Studio has released a brand new gameplay video for its upcoming spin-off of AGONY, SUCCUBUS. This video shows one of the game’s later stages, Forest of Flesh.

As the press release reads, the forest is full of traps and aggressive demons. Moreover, it is one of four visual styles in which the levels in the game will be maintained.

SUCCUBUS is an FPP slasher in which players will be able to face their opponents by playing as the succubus Vydija. Using melee weapons and magic, players will move around the world map, accumulating experience points necessary for character development. Players will also be able to modify and unlock new weapons and special powers.

In other news, the team revealed that the sales of Agony and Agony Unrated exceeded a total of 300K, including returns by the end of 2019. Sales of the PC version exceeded 200K copies, while the console versions sold a total of over 105K copies.

SUCCUBUS will most likely release later this year.