Dark Souls Remastered feature

After two years, Dark Souls receives a mod overhaul; adds new enemies, characters, storylines & more

Modder ‘Grimrukh’ has released a massive new mod for Dark Souls, called Daughters of Ash. According to its description, Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash features new bosses and enemies, new characters, new storylines, new weapons and items, expanded lore, and plenty of new secrets.

This mod has been under development for two years and has approximately twice as much content as the original game, much of which cannot be seen in a single play-through due to the complex interactions between storylines. The mod does not contain any new game assets (e.g. character models, map assets, dialogue recordings, visual effects) but accomplishes a great deal through modifying the game’s event scripts, placement data, and entity logic.

Do note that Daughters of Ash does not contain any support for multiplayer (including co-op), and the modder strongly recommends that you play offline to avoid invasions. As he stated, being invaded by a player without the mod installed will lead to broken gameplay so you’ve been warned.

Those interested can download Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash from here. Below you can find the key features of this mod.

  • New game progression
    • Forget what you know about exploring Lordran. New world-changing events, key items, and unexpected pathways await you.
  • New bosses and enemies
    • Triumph in new boss battles, most of which are designed to promote novel gameplay rather than sheer increased difficulty. Encounter new enemies on your journey – including enemies restored from cut content – and watch many old bosses and enemies behave in new ways.
  • New NPCs and storylines
    • Meet new characters with brand new questlines, which will intersect in numerous unpredictable ways as your journey continues. Even the stories of familiar characters may take unexpected turns.
  • New weapons, items, and mechanics
    • Discover new weapons with brand new abilities, many of which will require keen insights and careful consideration to master. Most existing equipment will not be exactly the way you remember.
  • Expanded lore
    • Learn more about Lordran’s past from new item descriptions and gameplay events. (All new content is written to build upon the lore of the original game, rather than conflict with it.)
  • New secrets
    • Don’t expect to come anywhere close to unveiling all of the game’s hidden content in one or two play-throughs.

Have fun!