After A Huge Debate, GOG Will Remove Archive Protection From All Windows Installers

Last week, we informed you about the appearance of some password protected archives in GOG’s game installers for Windows. These protected archives sparked a lot of accusations as a number of PC gamers believed that GOG was implementing a sort of DRM in a specific number of games. Well, good news everyone as GOG decided to remove the archive protection from the select Windows installers found on its digital platform.

As GOG revealed in a statement, password protection appeared in selected multi-part Windows installers, about 30 games from its catalogue that had large install files, over 6 months ago.

“We implemented it for various other reasons as well, many of which have been mentioned in previous posts. One of them was streamlining installation for the less tech-savvy users to avoid the issue of “broken” games after not using the installer to install them (you more proficient tinkerers have proven that it was a trivial barrier against the more advanced users).”

GOG concluded that it will be removing this protection.

“We’ve heard your concerns regarding this solution and we do agree it could have been better. Although the same could probably be said about many other answers to this problem, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do better for our community. To that end we will be removing the mentioned archive protection from the select Windows installers that had it until a better solution, both technically and philosophically, is ready.”

And that is that everyone. After this whole debate, GOG acted in favour of its customers. And this is why everyone should be expressing his/her opinion, no matter what. This is also why articles dedicated in such controversial topics are essential to both companies and customers.