A Valley Without Wind – New Details, Public Beta coming this month

Ah, A Valley Without Wind. Such a promising platform game and although it has been a while since we’ve heard more about it, Arcen Games decided to share today a jam-packed A Valley Without Wind update ahead of the exploration and survival side-scroller’s public beta release later on this month. Oh yeah, the game is entering its public beta this month.
Several previously unannounced features have been implemented since last the title checked in. First of these major additions is the Strategic Overlay, which intertwines a light turn-based strategy game subsystem with the action adventure core of the game. Players can take command of settlements, allocate resources, and direct NPCs through different actions to help secure the region for the innocent people who must survive off it.
AVWW’s Citybuilding aspect is the second significant reveal of today’s announcement. The mode is layered on top of other gameplay components and allows players to plan the layout of settlement sections. Place and upgrade a variety of structures and improve survivor morale in the process.
Many other notable items have been added or built upon over the last month as well. Windstorm mechanics have been made much simpler and players can freely roam around the world map now, but only to the extent their Civilization Level grants them. A system for Fast Traveling, tweaks to the Permadeath system that introduces the threat of vengeful ghosts, and boss types including Micro, Mini, Lieutenant and Overlord are just a few more items worth highlighting among the lengthy update notes. Detailed descriptions of the aforementioned can be be found over on Chris Park’s developer blog, and a big batch of new screenshots are also available on the game’s features page.
The grand vision for A Valley Without Wind is still very much a work in progress, with the plan at current to continue development and bring new content to the title well beyond its beta and official launch. A public beta launch on PC and Mac is set for later this month, with pre-order customers getting instant access to the latest build and all subsequent beta and official versions of the game.