Ogre Tale screenshots

2D sprite-based Japanese beat-em-up, Ogre Tale, coming to PC on August 20th

Degica and MAGES have announced Ogre Tale will release on August 20th. Ogre Tale is a brand new Japanese-Style Swordplay Battle Action game. As the press release reads, the game will feature Japanese ‘Chanbara’ or swordplay style action.

The game will also come with intuitive controls and gameplay. According to the teams, diving into this game will be as simple as hop-step-slash.

In Ogre Tale, players will join ogre sisters Ran, Hana, and Yume, and their feline mentor, Iroha, in a battle against fairytale folkheroes-turned-villains.

Degica has also shared a brand new gameplay trailer, as well as the game’s key features.

Ogre Tale Key Features

  • The Power of Three. Choose between three Onigashima sisters (Ran, Hana, Yume) each with their own unique fighting style.
  • Here’s a Story… Our heroes must clear a wide range of stages and progress through the wacky, often 4th wall destroying story, to gain the strength to best their archnemesis, Momotaro.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer Mayhem. Up to three players at once can join the fray in this chaotic frenzy of a mode, wherein a number of enemies not seen anywhere else can be encountered.
  • Unlimited Power. Level up and earn money to spend on powerful weapons and items that will teach you new skills and up your stats for the inevitable face-off against Momotaro
  • Seiyuu, Say Me. Fully voiced in Japanese.


OGRE TALE - Official Trailer