2D Cartoony Casual/Strategy Battle Game “P.A.W.S.” Gets An Alpha Demo

PAWS - Prime Alien Watch Squad

Christina-Antoinette Neofotistou has informed us about her new 2D Cartoony Casual/Strategy Battle game, titled PAWS – Prime Alien Watch Squad. PAWS – Prime Alien Watch Squad is a casual strategy battle game for iOS, Android and PC, that is designed to be really simple to learn and really fun to play, and Cristina has released an alpha demo for (while there is also a Kickstarter campaign for it underway).

According to its Kickstarter description, this cartoonish game hides serious strategic depth with battles taking place across a hex-tiled grid, against stunning hand-painted worlds.

“Where instant gratification (20” to 60” stages) is balanced by long range goals for a more in-depth experience. On top of that, the re-playability factor of this game puts it ahead of any other, with each stage having over 40.000 permutations, making it virtually impossible to play the same stage twice.”

The Kickstarter for PAWS – Prime Alien Watch Squad aims to raise $30K, and it has 14 days to reach that goal.

Here the key features of the game:

-it’s pick-up and play mechanics: no hitpoints, action points, armor class, movement points: you get to do everything with only one number per unit
-the procedurally generated battlefields that boost replayability ( 40.000 permutations per stage )
-the cute hand-animated sprites and gorgeous backgrounds that do not pander solely to the core strategy games demographic

Those interested can download its alpha demo from here.