2.5D action platformer, HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND, is coming to the PC

Oasis Games today announced that its 2.5D action platforming game set in Imperial China, HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND, will be released on the PC in the coming months. Set in ancient China, HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND challenges players to battle fierce foes, perform acrobatics to avoid obstacles and enemies, build their character through a deep, RPG-style skill tree and solve puzzles in the heat of battle. Players will utilize all their skills while engaging in hack and slash combat and unleashing stunning combos.

To succeed in the game, players will navigate their way through tough enemies, powerful bosses and Metroidvania-style puzzles. As they progress, players will build and customize their fighter for their preferred style through an extensive skill tree.

In the game world, competing factions vie to obtain a powerful object called the Dragon Cauldron, which grants inhuman powers at the cost of sanity and reason. When the player character finds he has been put under the spell of the Dragon Cauldron by a dark faction, making him a mere puppet forced to kill, he ventures forth to settle the score.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Action-packed gameplay—2.5D hack and slash platform gameplay set in ancient China
  • Slice and dice with combos—Dispel foes with a variety of attacks, devastating them with stunning combos and abilities
  • Fight with skill and style—Battle through waves of enemies using lightning-fast, deadly attacks, or perfectly time a dash to counter-attack while adding even more combos
  • Get acrobatic—Jump, swim, and grapple to avoid obstacles, escape enemies and clear missions through vibrant, detailed levels inspired by ancient China and the paranormal universe
  • Plenty of challenge—Solve puzzles and unleash all your skills on tough bosses that stand in your way
  • Surprising depth—Explore an expansive skill tree that offers seemingly limitless combos to unlock with “Soul Stones”, stronger weapons, stats and special moves
  • Pure fun—Enjoy a deep yet intuitive pickup and play experience with an estimated 10 hours of gameplay


HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND – Launch trailer | PS4