Star Wars Jedi Survivor Darth Vader Mod

This Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Mod lets you play as Darth Vader with unique force abilities and attack moves

Modder ‘jedijosh920’ has released a pretty cool mod for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that allows you to play as Darth Vader himself. Not only that, but the modder has added unique force abilities and attack moves that players can use.

Since this mod lets you wreak havoc as the Dark Side Lord himself, it will completely change the way you play the game. Thus, we suggest using it in your second or third playthrough.

Unfortunately, this mod is behind a Patreon wall. I don’t know whether jedijosh920 has any plans to freely release a public version of it in the future. So, right now, we can safely assume that this won’t happen.

Anyway, you can at least take a look at the mod in the video below. This video shows off the new force abilities and attack moves that Darth Vader has at his disposal.

Speaking of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, I also suggest taking a look at the DLSS 2 and DLSS 3 Mods. Similar to this Darth Vader Mod, these two mods are also behind a Patreon wall. However, PureDark will most likely release them to the public one day.


Playing as Darth Vader in Jedi Survivor