The Witcher 3 Rideable Griffin Mod

The Witcher 3 just got a new mod that allows you to ride a Griffin

Modder ‘apokryphos’ has released a pretty cool mod for The Witcher 3 that allows you to summon and ride a Griffin. This mod will allow you to travel quickly and explore the world of TW3, without actually using a fast travel.

The Griffin is the first boss players encounter in The Witcher 3. So, a mod that actually makes it possible to ride one somehow makes sense. Not only that but it’s cool flying around so that you can get to your destination. At least in my opinion.

Those interested can download the mod from this link. At the end of the article, you can also find a video for it. This video will give you an idea of what you can expect from it. So, be sure to watch it.

To be honest, I was expecting CDPR to add something like that in the Next-Gen Update. It’s a cool concept, so I don’t know why they haven’t implemented it. Still, thanks to mods, PC gamers can experience this.

I also expect even crazier mods to come out later this year. Last month, CD Projekt RED announced the first Playtest for The Witcher 3 REDkit Modding Tools. The Witcher 3 REDkit is a comprehensive modding tool for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is based on the same set of tools that were used by the devs to create the game and should allow for nearly limitless freedom in modding it.

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Stay tuned for more!

TW3: Rideable Griffin Mount