Tales of Arise Shionne Nude Mod

Tales of Arise – Nude Mod released for Shionne, Rinwell & Ashen

Tales of Arise is a new anime-like action RPG that recently came out on PC. And, as you may have guessed by the title, the first nude mod has been released for it.

This nude mod offers naked models for Shionne, Rinwell, Ashen, and some other characters. I know, I know, some will hate it. However, I’m certain that others will also find it interesting.

As always, we won’t allow screenshots from this mod. However, you can go ahead and download it from DevianArt.

Going into slightly more details, this nude mod replaces Alphen’s second costume and spa outfit, Shionne’s second costume and spa outfit, and Rinwell’s first costume and spa outfit.

Furthermore, this mod provides some naked models from additional characters. For instance, it replaces Kisara’s first costume and spa outfit, Dohalim’s first costume and spa outfit, and Law’s second costume and spa outfit.

All you have to do in order to install it is copy the mod file to GameArchives\Arise\Content\Paks\~mods. And that’s it.

Lastly, a modder is also working on another nude mode for Tales of Arise. And while that mod is more detailed, it’s currently behind a Patreon wall. Therefore, we suggest using this one.