Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition now features proper 60fps mode & full mouse support

The team behind the amazing Enhanced Edition project for Silent Hill 2 has released a brand new update for it. This new patch adds a proper 60fps mode, as well as full mouse support.

Additionally, the February 24th Update improves controller support, and comes with better translation pack support. Not only that, but the game now features a toggle for walking/running, has a new CRT shader, and fixes some FMV issues.

In case you weren’t aware, Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is a collection of mods that enhances the game and makes it playable on all modern systems. This is a must-have mod for all Silent Hill 2 fans, and we highly recommend downloading it.

You can download the latest version of Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition from here.

Have fun!

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition (PC) - Update Video #9