Mario Kart 64 HD feature

PC gamers can now enjoy an amazing HD Remaster of Mario Kart 64

Modder ‘AndratVA’ has shared the final trailer for Mario Kart 64 HD, an incredible HD Texture Pack for the classic Nintendo 64 Mario Kart game. And, as the title suggests, PC gamers can use Nintendo 64 emulators in order to enjoy a truly HD Remaster of this game.

Going into more details, Mario Kart 64 HD features a lot of high-resolution textures for all objects. Additionally, it updates the sprites of all characters, making them look similar to the early CG renders.

The end result is a faithful HD remaster of this classic kart racing game. And, since this is a Texture Pack/Mod, Nintendo won’t be able to shut it down.

You can download Mario Kart 64 HD from here. Naturally, you’ll also need the ROM of the N64 game, as well as a Nintendo 64 emulator.

Have fun!

Mario Kart 64 HD - Trailer

Andrat's Mario Kart 64 HD - A Different Kind of Texture Pack