Metro The Metro Calls Mod

Metro Exodus gets a new fully open-world custom level to explore

Modder ‘ADRUNKEWOK’ has released a new modded/custom level for Metro Exodus that is fully open world to explore. According to the modder, this took months of work and learning the SDK from the ground up, to achieve what would feel like a new metro exodus level.

This first version of this custom level simply lets you explore it. In future versions, ADRUNKEWOK plans to add various points of interest and activities. And perhaps we might see some quests to keep things interesting.

In January 2023, 4A Games released the Exodus SDK, allowing modders to create new free content for Metro Exodus. Thus, you’d expect the modding community to embrace this SDK and start working on mods. In theory, modders should be able to create a STALKER total conversion mod. Or how about a Silent Hill TC Mod? Disappointingly, though, we haven’t seen anything noteworthy all these months.

Given the underwhelming graphics of STALKER 2 (at least in its latest gameplay trailer though GSC GameWorld claims that it still aims to come as close to the E3 2021 trailer as possible), a STALKER Mod for Metro Exodus would be actually quite interesting. After all, 4A Games’ developers were former GSC GameWorld devs who have worked in the STALKER games. So yeah, imagine that.

But anyway, those interested can download this custom level, which is called The Metro Calls, from here. Below you can also find a video that showcases it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!